The Main Tournament is part of the PAPA Circuit for the 2017-2018 season

With every paid admission, enjoy one free entry to the tournament of your choice. (Thursday & Friday only - Limit one free entry per day, free tournament entry is not transferable) Herb style qualifying on at least 6 machines. Qualifying Thursday 2 pm-10 pm, Friday 1 pm-10 pm, Saturday 9 am-12:00 pm. Top 24 in “A” finals. Next 8 IFPA ranked 500 or below in “B” finals. Finals will be PAPA style finals beginning at approximately 12:15 pm on Saturday.

Classic Tournament

Herb style qualifying on at least two machines. Qualifying Thursday 2 pm-10 pm, Friday 1 pm-10 pm. Top 12 in finals. Finals will be a PAPA style finals starting at 9:30 am on Saturday.

Thursday at the Zoo Tournament

Best score qualifying on one machine Thursday 2 pm-7 pm
Top 8 (or 50%--whichever is less) in finals starting at 7:05 pm.
Finals will be PAPA style matches.
All proceeds will go to the Project Pinball (minus trophy fee)

Friday at the Zoo Tournament

Same as Thursday except qualifying is 1 pm-7 pm.

FREE Youth Tournament

Description and Rules:
A simple "top 3 scores wins" tournament for all youths ages 1-13
Youths can play our designated machine up to two times. We will record the highest of the two scores.
Tournament is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tournament is closed Saturday at 3pm and winners announced3
The top 3 scores will win the prizes shown below. Winners do NOT need to be present to win. They will be contacted and prizes mailed if necessary.

1st prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card
2nd prize: $50 iTunes Gift Card
3rd prize: $25 Fandango Gift Card

This tournament is proudly sponsored by TD Amusements of Rockford, MI.


All tournaments will use the same tickets and be the same cost: $1 per ticket, 100% of ticket sales minus trophy/prize cost will be donated to Project Pinball - They place Pinball Machines in Children Hospital.

Winners will receive trophies and possibly prizes. There will be no cash payouts.